Maxboost Fusion Detachable iPhone 5S/5 Battery Case – Black/Black [out of stock]


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The world first iPhone 5S/5 Battery Case with the innovative detachable design.

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Out of stock

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Innovative Design
Maxboost Fusion is an innovative battery case for iPhone 5S/5 made up of a smart two-piece design because nobody wants to have a bulky case on their iPhone all the time. It has a minimal slim-fit and lightweight protective case that can stay on the iPhone at all times and an optional snap-on extended battery pack that when used can double battery life for iPhone 5S/5. The protective case portion of the Maxboost Fusion slim fit snap-on case fits snugly around your iPhone 5S/5.

Battery Technology
The Maxboost Fusion includes a detachable battery pack with a maximum capacity 2000mAh battery hidden inside an ultra-thin durable casing. This powerful battery case can double the usage time on your iPhone 5S/5. The extended battery has fully functional set of features including charging switch on/off so you can decide when to charge your iPhone, power level indicators so you can check power remaining at any time, and pass through syncing so that you don’t need to remove the battery to sync with iTunes.

What’s in the Box

1 lightweight slim-fit snap-on protective case (choose from up to 8 different colors, all universally pairable with the battery pack)
1 2000mAh detachable iPhone 5S/5 battery case (choose between matte black or glossy white finish)
1 micro USB cable (in all white or all black to match battery)
1 User Manual

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Maxboost Fusion iPhone 5S/5 battery cases bear 30 day Free return policy.
All Maxboost Fusion iPhone 5S/5 battery cases will be replaced free of charge if defective or DOA.

Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 1 in

10 reviews for Maxboost Fusion Detachable iPhone 5S/5 Battery Case – Black/Black [out of stock]

  1. Ramsay Walker

    Been using the case for about a month and it is great! Slim and perfect fit snap on case provides fairly well protection to my phone, the battery pack is giving me more than enough battery daily. Overall, I am very happy with this product.

  2. Kai Lothian

    This is really two cases in one, or, a case with a rubberized cover. When you open the package, you will notice a matte black plastic snap on case that you snap over the phone. The second part of the case is the rubberized battery pack which can be used to attach to the snap on case. The negative BUT NECESSARY result about this case is that it will double the thickness of the phone and make it a bit heavier.

    You may be surprised to find that this case may change the appearance of the color of your phone. My phone is black but I got the Purple snap on case, so if you look at my phone from the side, it is totally different.

    The battery life is awesome! I can last for at least a day with it; I do all kind of things on my phone, games, videos and even emails, the battery still good when I am home at night from a whole day of work.

    Good luck with all of you searching for an iPhone 5 battery cases, I already found mine.

  3. Abby Fraser

    I purchased this to use when I travel and it works fantastically. It charged my phone form 20% to 90% in under and hour even with some use while charging. Originally I was going to buy other products, but didn’t want to spend the money and the reviews weren’t good. Overall great product.

  4. James Richardson

    I had tried to find a suitable battery case for my iPhone 5, it seems even Mophie doesn’t have their cases until later on this year. I have tried with other products on Amazon and some from eBay, never found any good ones until I came across this Maxboost Fusion case. They had a promotion and I got this case for a great price and it is giving me exactly what I need!
    2000mAth battery is capable to provide an extra charge for my phone and keep it going for the whole day. The detachable design allows me to use only the snap on case to provide protection for the phone. I finally found a good case I can rely on, Good job Maxboost!

  5. Lucas Rumpf

    Great case and design. It protects the iPhone well. Most important great value for money. It also does the job as the other high priced iPhone cases.

  6. Ebony Pitman

    This was my first iPhone &I was really afraid of dropping it so I wanted to get a case for it right away. The thing is, I hate to have a bulky case because I don’t want to carry a big phone around since I got the iPhone for its slimness. This fusion case is serving this purpose, the slim snap on case for my new phone and a battery pack for back up battery. With minimum usage, I don’t have to charge my phone for at least two days, just snap it on when I need the power. Great case, really works with my new phone.

  7. Ruby Savage

    This case does what it’s supposed to. I now can go over 15 hours without my draining my cell phone battery. I haven’t had any problems and I’ve had it for about a month so far. The case does wear a bit– it doesn’t look as good as it first did. But I can always detach it from the battery pack; all of this is worth it since my battery kept dying before the case. With this fusion battery case, i believe it would extend my phone battery life until the iphone 5s comes out. Great job Maxboost!

  8. Alan Sigler

    I love this combo of snap on case and the battery pack. I have dropped my phone 2-3 times (from clumsiness) and there has been no damage to my phone or case. I have taken my phone out of the case a dozen times and there is no difference in the structure of the case. I am sure if I were to continuously take my phone out of the case it would lose some of its elasticity. As someone who doesn’t rely on the phone, I found the snap on case is more useful and it is offered with variety of color! I got this black version and a blue one which looks very good with my phone. I would recommend this product to those of you who needs some extra juice for your phone but you don’t want to lose the slimness of your iPhone 5S.

  9. Donald Brower

    Purchased this Fusion case just a few days ago, and got it today. I have to admit, I was not a fan of any of the battery cases because of the bulkiness, but now that I actually know how it actually looks and feels, especially with this detachable design, I love my case! I would definitely recommend this case if you hate bulky case like me. You can use only the snap on case for the phone when you do not need the battery.

  10. Maxwell Russell

    I would recommend this case to anyone that wants to protect their phones while keeping the slimness of the 5. I’m my opinion I feel like this case is the perfect fit for my phone. It feels great and its detachable design makes it not too bulky and just by looking at the case you can tell it will do the job right. Plus you get a battery pack with 2000mAh to provide extra charges for your phone. Always a nice touch.Thank you Maxboost.

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