Maxboost Protective Face Shield – 3 Pack (Adult Size)


  • 2X Pet Protection – Built with PET materials with 2x thickness to provide top protection, durability, and quality of standard face shields. Created with PET based materials, experience the highest quality of thickness and overall design of face shields for the public market.
  • Full Transparency – Full transparent and pure clarity visor at all times. Designed with anti-fog coating and an overall shield that protects the vast circumference of the face every single time it’s worn. (Note: Face Shield’s PET specification: 12.6” wide and 8.6” high)
  • Built-In Quick Slider Adjuster – Simple and easy-to-use quick slide adjuster allows for users to quickly, safely, and easily adjust the overall sizing and fitting of the face shield. The elastic band can stretch to find the perfect fit to keep you snug and secure. (Comfortably fits head size with the circumferences of 22.5” to 25.5”)
  • Soft Sponge Foam – Designed with soft cushioned sponge foam to ensure extra support and to maximize comfort and all-around fit. Keep the face shield snug, comfy, and fitted while it’s on with sponge foam for a soft experience unlike standard plastic builds.
  • For Home & Work – Overall support and protection for any type of occasion or daily excursion. Go into the day with an extra layer of support around the face, nose, and mouth during day-to-day activities.

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The Maxboost FaceShield provides 2x the protection and quality of generic face shields found on the market. With polycarbonate materials, the overall thickness and durability is much stronger and more supportive than other similar products. The full transparent visuals offer see-through clarity for daily tasks. Strong hooks keep the Maxboost FaceShield snug and comfortable on the face at all times.

2x the protection of standard face shields with the benefit of PET materials that offer more protection and quality.

Fully transparent visuals for a full see-through experience during daily activities at all times.

With a universal fit, the majority of users can enjoy a snug and secure fit due to strong supportive hooks.

User Notes
– Clean the product thoroughly before store it,
– The face shield resist temperature up to 176F,
– Do NOT wash in hot water,
– Do NOT iron / steam iron the product,
– Do NOT tumble dry the face shield,
– Do NOT use the shield in a steam room,
– Do NOT machine wash the face shield,
– Do NOT place on the dashboard when store inside the card


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