Congratulations on ordering a Maxboost Screen Protector!
The following guide will help you with any questions or issues you may have with our screen protectors. For further assistance, please contact us at service@maxboostpower.com.
**This glass screen protector installation is compatible with all device types


Q: Why is the Maxboost iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Protectors more narrow than other iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Protectors?
A: Our screen protectors are designed to precisely fit the width of the iPhone’s screen, maximizing the area around the edges. This provides concise coverage of your screen. Moreover, your iPhone will be perfectly compatible with almost any case!

Q: Why is there a “white halo” around my screen protector?
A: The “white halo” around your screen protector means that the screen protector did not adhere properly. It’s possible that your iPhone’s size slightly varies from the iPhone template, thus making the screen protector not fit properly. Contact us HERE and we can assist you with your issue.

Q: Why does the screen protector cover the camera hole?
A: Our screen protectors were designed to cover the camera hole. This design does not interfere with the quality of your front-facing camera. Take your selfies with no worries!

Q: How do I register my screen protector’s lifetime warranty?
Send an e-mail to “maxboost.life@gmail.com” and title your e-mail “Screen Protector Warranty”



1. Wash hands before installation.
2. Any dust/debris left on the screen will lead to air bubbles or unsuccessful installation.
3. Do not touch adhesive side of the screen protector. 


STEP 1: Wet Wipe

Wipe the screen clean with the included wet wipe.


STEP 2: Dry Wipe

Use the dry wipe to ensure all dust and liquid have been removed.


STEP 3: Guidance Frame

Follow the text imprint on the guidance frame and place the frame snugly on top of your phone.


STEP 4: Dust-Absorber Sticker

Dab the sticker side of the dust-absorber to eliminate any traces of debris on the screen.


STEP 5: Screen Protector

Remove bottom protective layer of screen protector by pulling away the top rectangular tab.


STEP 6: Alignment

Align the top of the screen protector with the top of the guidance frame. Ensure that all sides are aligned with the frame.


STEP 7: Put it On

Slowly drop the screen protector onto the screen. Ensure that all sides are aligned. Tap the center of the screen protector and it will begin to adhere itself.

STEP 8: Finishing Touches

Push out any remaining air bubbles. With one hand, hold the screen protector down and with the other hand, remove the guidance frame. Your phone is now protected!